Various Uses for Storage Containers Virginia

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There are masses of uses of storage containers Va or somewhere else, including the engineering of container homes in addition to storage units wired for electric service in addition to refrigeration

Cargo Containers Virginia

At Consolidated Container Systems in Virginia, we specialize in helping our clients find the type of equipment that's right for their requirements. The power to ship anyplace in the world merged with affable customer service help make the Consolidated Container Systems experience exceptional.

Make certain to give Bill Garvey a ring at 757-494-8150 with any questions you might have- more likely than not, our over thirty years of experience in this business will allow our staff to advise the best and most relevant cargo container selection for your goals!

Storage Containers Virginia and the Consolidated Container Systems Difference

You ought to use our know-how to make sure you purchase a container which is in good condition to meet your requirements and is anything but an eyesore. Anytime you patronize the very best, there isn't any care about a ruined, oxidized or not water tight unit- we don't do work in that fashion. We don't aspire to risk our repute on a smashed not to mention unattractive unit!

Some individuals make use of our containers as one time transfer and select to keep the unit readily available to stow the items semi-permanantly. Spare-time activities like working on cars are made easy using units wired for electricity- you will not even need a garage! Electrical service encourages a cozy, well lit and relaxing setting to have fun with your perfect pastime.

Storage Containers Virginia

A lot of people make their abode from second-hand containers. Integrating more than one could make for a cost efficient house. To give an illustration in pop culture, the leading character in the motion picture Tron: Legacy has constructed his home out of a few storage containers.

Shipping Containers Virginia and Thinking Outside the "Box"

Thinking outside the proverbial "box" is our policy at Consolidated Container Systems- in fact, we have been supplying shipping containers Va locals for unique projects for over 30 years.

However this doesn't suggest you won't come up with a purpose we've never thought of before- phone Bill at 757-494- 8150 and find out what we are able to do to suit your needs!

Apart from employing cargo containers as an actual residence, a number of people literally put their entire life in one of these. Folks who take a trip on a consistent basis, as an example, can store most of their belongings in a cargo container then simply have it shipped to their next location when it's time to move. Employing a mover numerous times a year is not convenient and expensive, this option certainly is outstanding for folks in cases like this!

Consolidated Container Systems, located in Va Beach, can offer the following storage/ shipping/ cargo options:

Chassis Refrigerated units Flat racks 20 foot 40 foot

Shipping Containers Va and Staying Cool

If you happen to own a restaurant or otherwise require climate controlled storage, Consolidated Container Systems has got what the doctor ordered. At a much cheaper price than new development, a refrigerated storage container can be a fiscally responsible option.

In fact, any business which needs refrigeration should fine this option eye-catching. New construction could get highly expensive very fast, so if your budget is more moderate, this really is just what you are searching for.

Mobile office space is one other possible application for a container that is hassle-free and easily transported. Highway development agencies generally find this procedure tempting and simple to implement.

Without a doubt, these uses simply scratches the surface of what can be done, so we would enjoy having you call our business at 757-494-8150. Shipping containers Virginia citizens require are easily provided by Consolidated Container Systems!

It's our hope that, our article has been helpful in giving you a bit of basic info on storage containers Virginia area

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